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The oval insignia was born out of the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic, which was adopted by the United Nations in 1949. It required vehicles traveling in Europe to display an oval sticker with letter codes indicating country of origin; such as GB for Great Britain or D for Deutschland.

In 2000, we began Universal Export Ltd, by adapting the authentic German design for American vacation sites, such as Nantucket's ACK and the BB of Bethany Beach, Delaware.  A few years later, we added the extremely popular purebred dog and equestrian designs.  From there, we expanded into a wide variety of themed graphics, as well as personalized and custom designs, giving you the ability to make your own sticker expressing your original ideas, personal interests or hobbies.

Oval Envy is proud to call Baltimore, Maryland, home. Our parent company, Universal Export Ltd, designs and manufactures the highest quality products for individuals and wholesale customers.

Our durable, waterproof stickers are printed in black ink on coated adhesive-backed vinyl. The ovals measure 3 1/2" X 5" and are easily removed from the paper backing. While originally intended for automobile bumpers they can be displayed on a wide range of surfaces such as windows, notebooks, backpacks, and guitar cases.   Read more about us>>